About Clarity Consulting

Why We Do What We Do

Healthy organizations are a cornerstone of strong communities.

Our organizations strengthen our economy, provide jobs and develop people, and contribute to their communities. At Clarity, we dedicate ourselves to helping organizations thrive. We believe strong, healthy organizations lead to a better society – for their customers, their employees and the communities in which they are located.

We serve as partners to the leaders in the organizations. We bring clarity to highly complex, seemingly intractable organizational issues, and then support leaders in identifying and acting on the best path forward. We create alignment – alignment among executive team members, alignment of the organization as a whole to key strategies, and alignment of systems and structures to the values and principles the organization stands by.

At Clarity, we know you need a partner who will bring expertise, wisdom and efficiency to ensure your investment in your organization’s health generates the returns – financially and culturally – you need.

Our Guiding Principles

  • People want to do their best and be their best.
  • We are in service to your organization. Whether listening to confidential information, resolving tension between individuals, or sorting out the root causes of a situation, we will act in ways that benefit the organization as a whole.
  • The way we lead organizational change must adhere to the values of the organization.
  • We’re a high smarts/low ego organization. You will receive intelligent counsel from us, rooted in evidence-based practices, but without the ego that makes it more about us than you.
  • We strive to move from the “front of the room” to the “back of the room” in every engagement. Organizations seek our support for an immediate need, and while we’re working to address that need, we are also building capability that equips your team to tackle similar problems on their own in the future.
  • Evidence-based practices and research informs our guidance to organizations.

What’s In A Name

In our case, client feedback. The most common feedback we get from clients is that time spent with us provides them with the clarity they need to address their business challenges. Whether it is through 1:1 coaching, an epic whiteboard session addressing organizational strategy, or implementing change, people feel clearer and more confident about their plans and priorities.

Behind Clarity Consulting

Kelly Johnston is a skilled and passionate professional focused on building healthy organizations that thrive. She is committed to the mission that healthy organizations provide a cornerstone to healthy people, teams and communities. Her consulting expertise includes building strong individual skills, organizational cultures that flourish, as well as structures and systems needed for sustainable success.

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Our Tools

Our Partners

We work closely with other consulting firms on a variety of projects. We are currently associated with Mass Ingenuity and The Howells Group.