At Clarity Consulting, we partner with you to address immediate concerns and also develop the systemic solutions that lead to long-term health and growth for organizations. You may not even know what the primary issue is, you just know things aren’t going smoothly. We’ll help you get clarity on your organizational needs, and use proven practices to equip you and your leadership team in guiding the organization forward.

Consulting Services

Executive Team Alignment

Organizational Design

Executive and Manager Coaching

Change Management

Leadership Development


Team Development

Healthy Organizations Have

Cohesive, supportive executive teams

Clear alignment regarding organizational strategy and goals

Culture that propels the organization forward instead of acting as a drag

Measureable, reportable results

People systems that align to the organization’s culture and goals

Clients I’ve Worked With

“This past year Kelly worked with us on understanding hope theory and applying the concepts of goals, agency and pathways to our work.  She brought humor, personal insights and strong facilitation skills to every session. Kelly also provided consultation to our senior on managing a significant organizational change we were experiencing this year. She helped get us ‘unstuck’ in our thinking and helped us focus our plans.  We look forward to many more years of partnership with Kelly.”

Dana Anderson
ESD 113

“Kelly is a confidential, professional and reliable resource.  When working with Kelly, you feel her investment. I think this is unusual for this type of work.  I frequently rely on her expertise with teams, strategic planning and coaching. Kelly is confident but pliable.  She is very good at staying neutral unless she sees a team at risk, then she’ll advocate appropriately. I find her judgment to be superb.  I trust Kelly and would recommend her to any organization.”

Phil Castle
Employment Security Department

“Clarity Consulting has been a key partner in the Health Care Authority’s ongoing focus on leadership development and organizational excellence. We value Kelly’s professionalism, expertise, and strength-based approach to every project.”

Amy Blondin
Health Care Authority

“Kelly was a godsend to our unit. We had a 25-member team administering a 30-year old program, with no written processes, procedures or desk manuals. Our program was growing and so was our team. Kelly helped us establish the current state of our program and guided us in creating a new, clear pathway to success. She gave us the necessary tools, put down the foundational work we desperately needed, and our team took it and ran with it. Our new “Housing Unit Blueprint” or “The HUB”—as we nicknamed it—has been growing and evolving ever since. Our now 34-member unit simply cannot do the hard, complicated work that we do—while onboarding and training new staff—without it the HUB. Thank you, Kelly!”

Corina Grigoras
Dept. of Commerce